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MPhA is pleased to provide our members access to FREE, accredited online CME/CE activities offered by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. These evidence-based CME/CE are based on comparative effectiveness research reviews. They are designed to assist pharmacists in working with patients to make informed healthcare decisions. Current topics in AHRQ’s growing CME/CE library include: diabetes, hypertension, GERD, sleep apnea, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and others. Access AHRQ’s CME/CE for pharmacists here. 



Surescripts is pleased to announce the availability of a new, dedicated, toll-free line for independent pharmacists who need help with e-prescribing. Developed in conjunction with the National Community Pharmacists Association, the Independent Pharmacy Line (IPL) connects independent pharmacists directly to a live resource for help in assessing, triaging and addressing questions or issues related to their e-prescribing experience.

A complement to pharmacy computer system vendors

The Independent Pharmacy Line is not intended to replace the support pharmacists get from their pharmacy system vendor. Surescripts has set up this line to help address critical, urgent or persistent issues. The line provides three ways to access direct assistance: 

 Phone:          1-877-877-3962


  Fax:                1-703-880-0149 


Flu Vaccine Release Form for use in your pharmacy. A simple, easy to understand release form that you can print and make copies of. Let us know and we will add your pharmacy's logo and information!


Current med sheet for your patients on multiple medications. Have these available for your patients to keep in their wallet, purse or briefcase in case of emergency.


Mississippi Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)


Mississippi Prescription Monitoring Program Notarization Form


PBM Patient/Pharmacist Complaint Form


Mississippi Board of Pharmacy regulations


FREE Clinician and Patient Resources from AHRQ

The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) offers a variety of free evidence-based resources to help pharmacists and patients discuss treatment options and make informed treatment decisions. These resources are based on patient-centered outcomes research, also known as comparative effectiveness research. This research compares benefits and harms of different interventions and strategies to prevent, diagnose, treat, and monitor health conditions.
The findings are translated into useful formats for clinicians and patients, and can help pharmacists:

Current titles cover cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, breathing conditions, depression, pregnancy, and other conditions. Download materials at the links below or order FREE hard copies of the summary guides from AHRQ by calling 800-358-9295 and providing the code C-02.

AHRQ Summary Guides, CME and Other Resources for Clinicians – Clinician summary guides provide an overview of the clinical issue, a clinical bottom line summary, an overview of side effects and risks, dosage and price information for guides on medications, and other information. CME are approved for a multi-disciplinary audience of clinicians, including several accredited for pharmacists.

AHRQ Treatment Guides for Patients/Consumers (English and Spanish) – The patient versions of the summary guides are written in plain language and provide an overview of the condition in addition to the comparative effectiveness information.

To learn more about patient-centered outcomes research, visit AHRQ’s Effective Healthcare Program website. The Mississippi Pharmacist Association is partnering with AHRQ to make our members aware of these free resources.


Check on bill status updates on the Mississippi State Legislature website.


Search the Mississippi Code for free via the Mississippi Secretary of State website.


NCPA Medicaid Manual. The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) has developed this document to provide guidance to association executives, staff, and state policymakers in their efforts to establish effective Medicaid pharmacy programs that maximize the state’s resources while improving overall beneficiary health.



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